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Keeping your head above water

I photographed this Western Painted Turtle at Fort Whyte Alive, a nature reserve and educational centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Turtles need frequently to surface in order to breath.  They often find rocks or river/lake banks on which to rest.  This one was swimming large distances and stopping to keep his head above water every once in a while – allowing me to see his beautiful markings and take his photograph.

At times it seems we are working hard just keeping our heads above water, particularly at times of stress or crises.  Illness, pain, job-loss and separation from loved ones can have us needing air – or a helping friend. Sometimes a friendly smile from a passing stranger can seem to help us breath again and find the strength to keep on swimming.

There is too much beauty and love in life to stay down.

I thank God for the turtle, for friends and friendly faces and for the ability to appreciate beauty; the time to reflect.