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The reds could be straight out of the box

I love sunsets.  I think watching sunsets off the coast of England as a boy gave me my first experience of joy in creation. When I was growing up I also loved pastel crayons – the soft chalky art crayons – not the waxy things.  I’m not sure why we refer to the muted, pale colours as pastel colours, because in the box of pastels some of the colours are the strongest most vibrant you will find anywhere.

I think one of the things that draws me to this photo I took of a Puerto Vallarta sunset, is the vibrancy of the colours. They remind me of the reds and yellows used straight out of the box.  It has that chalky feeling too.

I marvel at how sights, sounds and smells can evoke those memories from long ago, especially how they often recreate the emotions of that moment in time.

The sunset picture recreates the sabbatical time we spent in Puerto Vallarta, the joy found in the sunsets of my youth – and even the long ago excitement of a new box of pastels, and a crisp sheet of white paper.

Thanks Virginia for reminding me it was time for a new post!