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Decorated Bowl in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Life in a fish bowl isn’t always this happy

This is a photograph looking down and into a decorated bowl.  It is in the condo we rented in Puerto Vallarta.  I love all the decoration in Mexico.

The idea of living in a fish bowl started me thinking about the recent US election.  I observed the action from Canada and with a British perspective.  I can’t imagine what stress there must be for any political family living in a fishbowl.

But we seem, in most democracies, to have strayed so far from the ideal.  I expect I am naive, but why do the commentators talk so much about the campaign teams making mistakes or creating a successful strategy.  Shouldn’t we really want to understand what the candidates and their parties really believe and intend.  It’s nice to hear what we would like to hear, but I would prefer to hear truth.  Let me make my decisions on reality not some manufactured story.

There is no disgrace in not being elected – not if you have presented a true platform well.  What is disgraceful is to try to persuade the electorate by trickery.  We need to lose all those sports and military metaphors  – knock-out punches, battle-lines, targets…

I don’t need a debate to be full of sparks – what I want is to hear intelligent argument about candidate positions.  Everything has become judged by its entertainment value; we are talking about the future of countries, world relations, global economics and the truly important focus – the wellbeing of people.  So instead of singing “let me entertain you”  change the tune to “let me inform you – honestly and straightforwardly”  only then can democracy win – when the electorate is able to make decisions based on reality.

Did anyone get to the end of this diatribe?  Or did you lose interest because it wasn’t very entertaining…

I’m going to go watch a goldfish swim round and round in his fishbowl – I’ll find it just as illuminating as most of our political coverage – US or Canadian.