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Bench in new fallen snow

Snowy Seat

The first  snow of winter is always special.  For some it is a depressing sign of the beginning of a long winter.  For others, it is a time of excitement as they contemplate the beginning of winter sports. For me it’s a time of wonder as nature is painted with a brand new coat.  Colours that were drab suddenly become vibrant.  Scenes that had become too familiar are transformed.  Sounds become muted.  The air feels cleaner.  And beneath that layer of snow creation is resting and preparing for a new spring.

Row of trees along a snowy road

Golden branches

Today was Winnipeg’s first real snow of the year.  Everything is refreshed and crisp. Susan and I couldn’t resist a walk with our cameras.

Park in winter with houses in background

Quiet Sunday After the Snow

This small park is across the street from us.  It is a lovely setting any time of the year – but magical after a fresh snowfall.

Close up of brown berries

Subtle Colours become Vibrant in Winter

These last leaves and accompanying berries were almost unnoticeable yesterday – today they add warm colours against a fence as they reflect the light from the snow.

Urban Park in Winter

Park Setting

The storm-clouds were still with us and add some drama to the quiet scene below.

Red berries on winter tree

Last Fruits so Bright Against the Snow and Bark.

These fruit add such an intensity of colour as they begin to dry.

A row of children's swings in a winter park

No swinging today

Children have abandoned the swings today and have climbed the hill with their toboggans.

Child's swing full of snow

Full Of Snow

In the snow simple shapes form lovely silhouettes.

Man using snow-blower

It’s Not All Play Today

This man is clearing the snow from the fifty-plus residence that borders the park

Snow on evergreen branches

Soft Forms

This is the kind of form I wish I could capture in paint. Such subtle shadows and highlights, with that hope of spring in the evergreen peeking through the blanket.

Some call our city ‘Winterpeg’ – as a slur – they just don’t know what they are missing!