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Yesterday Susan and I went for a walk with friends at Fort Whyte Alive, a nature reserve and ecology centre in Winnipeg.  It was a beautiful afternoon and the deer squirrels and birds were very active. The light coming from the sun, which is remarkably lower in the sky these days, gave a very soft, warm touch to fauna and flora; also to Vince and Kris our friends! I thought I would share a few of the sights that lifted all our spirits.  It’s not Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend – but for our American friends – we give thanks this weekend for the wonders of God’s creation.  And we give thanks for the freedom to enjoy the natural word around us without fear. And always, thanks for the gift of wonder.

Subtle colours and lovely lines

The official greeter – can you see the smile!

These Red Berries are so bright against the subdued winter colours

Golden seeds in the snow

This squirrel was taking advantage of the mess left by the birds at the feeder station

The woods look empty but inviting

But the woods are not empty!

Silently and cautiously they start to emerge

The Assiniboine Forest is home to one of the largest herds of White Tail deer

One after the other they crossed in front of us

Such unspectacular beauty; peaceful and calming and so full of surprises

What a wonderful way to spend a couple of afternoon hours.