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This is number six in a series of daily advent reflections based on the RCL. To view the complete series click on the Advent Reflections link above or in the sidebar under categories.  Today’s reading is Matthew 9:27-31 (click on the link to see the full text). The reading is the story of Jesus healing two blind men.

I hear two themes today – the first “But were they truly blind?” the second “Do you believe in miracles”

End of the year

End of the year

Today Matthew tells us the story of Jesus healing two blind men.  He gives them back their sight.  But were they really blind?  Yes and no!  They were physically blind – they could not see with their eyes, that was what they wanted Jesus to cure. But these men had insight.  They saw more than others.  Take the image above.  What do you see?  Most of us see a dead weed – beautiful in the sun – but dead.  But look again, what you are seeing is new birth, new creation. This plant in dying is spreading seeds that will be carried in the wind.  Many seeds will land and settle under the winter snow. They will lay dormant until the spring melt and the heat of the returning sun warms the ground.  Then, they will germinate and new life will have been created. So, do you see death or do you see life?

The two ‘blind’ men saw that Jesus was the Messiah (acknowledged in their use of the title “Son of David”, code for the long-awaited Messiah who would come and redeem Israel).  They also saw and believed in Jesus’s power to give them back their physical sight.  Actually they never say this directly, they just ask Jesus to have mercy on them. Oh, to be able to see like that!

Monarch in Winnipeg getting nectar

Monarch Butterfly in Winnipeg getting nectar

Monarch Butterfly in English Garden, Winnipeg, Canada

Monarch Butterfly in English Garden, Winnipeg, Canada

Now, do you believe in miracles?  It’s hard for us, living in a scientific ‘prove’ it world.  Unfortunately if you don’t believe in miracles you likely won’t see one – well you may see it, you just won’t see it for what it is.

Look at these two images of the fragile Monarch Butterfly.  These butterflies migrate between Canada and Mexico!  I believe it is a three-part process.  If I remember this correctly, the butterflies migrate from the North (like Winnipeg) all the way to central Mexico in one season.  In the spring they reproduce.  The new generation get’s ready to make the return trip. They make the journey in two stages.  The first stage takes the butterflies mid-way back to the North.  There they reproduce.  The newly hatched butterflies are the ones that complete the journey North and end up where their predecessor left.  This to me is miraculous.  I am sure there are scientific explanations for how this is possible (see the link under the image).  But I rejoice in the miracle of the extravagance of creation.

This Advent I will try to see with my heart; to put my trust in the miracle of Emanuel – God with us. And I will pray that God will open my eyes to see the miracles that surround me.

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