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Two Pondering - John Huston and me

Two Pondering – John Huston and me (Photo SKS)

My Muse has the blues.   She feels abused; is not amused; I stand accused! You see I have not written a post for two months.

My defence is simple and brief (makes a change I hear some chirp).  Dear members of the jury, my Muse abandons me on a whim.  One moment there, then gone.  The Muse doesn’t sneak away, it vanishes.  Leaves me suddenly alone, bereft of inspiration, no whispered thoughts or sudden impulses…just dead air.  I sense it leaves with a smirk on its hidden face, leaving for no-one knows where.  Gone for no-one knows how long.  What kind of relationship is this?  So, I have not sought out Muse’s company for quite some time.  I have been seeking other pleasures and other companions.  How does it feel dear Muse?

That is my defence.  But I am ready to make up and be friends again.  I think I have caught a few whispers…so maybe tomorrow.