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We left Mexico to return North, much like the Canada Geese, to discover winter had decided to stay on this year.  Yesterday we went for a walk in Fort Whyte Alive nature reserve and educational centre.  I tried out my new Sony HX200V.  It’s a point-and shoot with a 30X optical zoom and up to 60x Clear Image zoom.  These are images from the walk. I needed something less heavy to carry on regular walks.  So far I am pleased.

Across the Frozen Lake

Across the Frozen Lake

This is what it’s supposed to be like at the end of February, not the 10th of April.  It’s beautiful but definitely anachronistic.

Cyril Branching Out

Cyril Nutkin Branching Out

Cyril-the-Squirrel was busy collecting food from the bird feeding station. He took his lunch to the safety of the scrub-oak tree.

You lookin' at me?

You lookin’ at me?

Bet you blink first

Bet you blink first

The HX200V takes a decent zoom photograph, these are all hand-held.

That's Mr. Squirrel to you.

That’s Mister Squirrel to you.

I was able to get up close and friendly with Mr. S.

Sunny but still way too cold, where are the green shoots?

Sunny but still way too cold, where are the green shoots?

With a point and shoot, in bright sunshine, it’s a little harder to get the focus point right – but I still like the dramatic feel of this.

It's actually quite nice in this fur coat.

It’s actually quite nice in this fur coat.

We also walked over to the Bison enclosure.  This big guy was staying away from the rest of the herd – I know how he feels at times.  Or perhaps they were staying away from him…

I'm a bit worried about things actually...

I’m a bit worried about things actually…

I took this from quite some distance, but I can almost smell his fur.

Don't make me come over there.

Don’t make me come over there.

Oops he noticed me and I notice he still has straw on his coat – really, you’d think he would clean up a bit with a distinguished photographer around.

So, we are glad to be home, but missing the warmth – hoping for a break in this crazy weather.  In the mean-time we are pining away for margarita-ville.