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No, we are not hillbillies or from some strange religious sect (well some may think Anglicanism is a strange religious sect I suppose).  As a priest  I have married quite a few women and men in my time, but never a close relative.

So I will be honoured and privileged to be both Father-of-the-Bride and officiating priest at the upcoming nuptials of the youngest of the offspring.  Sounds so strange – offspring.  Is this a spring that is a little off?  I wonder about the etymology of this word. Looked it up, not very satisfying.

So there will be a gathering of the clans.  I don’t suppose we on the sassenach side should really claim to be a clan – but the Scottish quarter certainly can.  The groom is an Mc.  Not an MC, but an McK.

We are hoping to hold the wedding service outside at Fort Whyte Alive, the set location for a number of my photographic posts of waterfowl, bison and squirrels.  So let’s hope the beautiful weather we are currently experiencing will hold till September 14.  If not, we will move the wedding indoors.  Either way it will be a very nice, rustic setting.

This is the time of the year the geese and ducks begin to collect before the long migration south.  The evening skies at Fort Whyte become black with arriving geese and ducks.  The sound is incredible – the honking of 10,000 geese is quite loud. Even louder than a South African World Cup football game.

But on the 14th, there should be only a modest number of these travellers – the early birds you might say – and I did.  The ceremony starts at 6 and dusk isn’t for another hour or so – so my lengthy homily shouldn’t be honked out, at least not by the geese.  (this last, about the lengthy homily is just to rattle the bride-to-be, and it doesn’t take too much with less than two weeks to go).

Members of the contingent from Jolly Olde have started to arrive.  The Groom-to-be (can you say that?) has started his training in translating fast spoken Essex English.  The other English (dragging along one poor American with them) arrive Next week.  The rivalry will then commence with three avid Arsenal fans (including the American) arriving to compete with the Tottenham/West Ham supporter.

The wedding dinner (why do they call it a breakfast when it’s in the evening?) is keeping to the Fort Whyte theme – choice of Bison ribs, Pickerel Fillets or Vegetarian pasta. It’s been interesting to see what meal choices the various table groupings have made.  I am assured that none of the Bisons from Fort Whyte Alive (that I have showcased on previous posts) will be harmed in the celebration of these nuptials.  The bison meat is acquired from a bison farm in western Manitoba.  The pickerel should be fresh from our Manitoba Lakes.  I don’t know where they get the vegetarians.

So please think of us all, especially the poor FOB (Father of the Bride, not fat old ….) and Priest, as we prepare for this major event in our family.

Not sure how much posting will get done in the next couple of weeks.  I will try to pop in a few updates.

So Goodbye, so-long and good day…I hope we don’t get a frost before the big day.