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Last year I set myself a task, a task which was more challenging than I had thought, but a worthwhile one for me.  I set about to provide a short daily reflection on the readings appointed for each day of Advent – all four weeks.  If you are interested in them you can view them here, or click on the Advent tab above.  These are in reverse order.  So you may need to scroll down to find the approximate date you are looking for.  They are based on 2012 calendar.

This year I decided to take a rest.  But I found out about a series of four podcasts; a collaboration among a local Anglican worshipping community (st benedict’s table), Sign Post Music and the Anglican Church of Canada.

To hear the podcasts  Click here.

Last Sunday we attended a concert at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, the concert featured Steve Bell a local Christian songwriter, performer and storyteller. He had his usual backup band, plus the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  It was a wonderful evening of great music.  Steve also shared stories of his life which gently revealed his deep faith.

Steve was one of the collaborators on the Advent podcasts.

If you would like to know more about Steve and hear his music click here, there are sample tracks from his album Symphony Sessions as well as links to the rest of his website.

Have a blessed Advent.  Take time to reflect on life and all the ways you are blessed.  If you are Christian, take this time to slow down, be at peace and know that God is already with you, as you await the celebration of Christ’s birth and the final coming again of the King of Peace.

For my friends who do not share my Christian faith – may you enjoy times of quiet and peace.

JustRod and my angel

JustRod and my angel