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That’s my goal.  That my posts would usually be a little unusual.  I have been thinking recently about how my posts have regularly been irregular.  Some of the blogs I follow are dailies, some weeklies, and others sporadics (sic).  I sometimes fall behind trying to keep up with the dailies, which then puts me behind with the weeklies, and I may even miss the odd sporadic.

I would like to know if people like regularity – not the kind induced by high fibre diets – but regularity in the posts they follow.  Or is irregularity more exciting?

Unfortunately my posts have frequently become infrequent during periods of busyness or lack of muse – I’ve heard of being amused, or even bemused, but it’s not nice being de-mused.  I don’t like to write when the muse is missing from amusement (‘ament’ and who wants to be a catkin?)

I’d like my posts to commonly include the uncommon, and once in a while be appropriately inappropriate.

I recently wrote about my messy desk, today I realized it’s just orderly disorder.  I can live with that.

But let me know if you prefer ‘regular’ to ‘sporadic posts’.  Do you mind if they suddenly come at you in a group?  Or should I follow a friend’s unstated advice. After I had posted several in one week, he mentioned that you can schedule the publishing of posts…post dated posts.

I guess I’ll be held responsible for this irresponsibility.  But I don’t take myself too seriously, so I expect I’ll remain adequately inadequate.

I think I’ll schedule this for later tomorrow, but I find it hard – once it’s written I want to set it free.  Today is Wednesday 17 September 1600 hrs DST (-6 Greenwich) so you can tell what I did by the time stamp it comes out.

Now for some time to think the unthinkable?