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Aztec inspired sand-art bass relief

Aztec inspired sand-art bas relief detail (Photo copyright Rod Sprange)

In the centre of Puerto Vallarta there is a sea-wall pedestrian way called El Malecon.  It stretches for a few miles along the ocean front.  It is a wonderful place to walk and be at peace.  I have previously posted a tour of the public statuary that is numerous, beautiful and often whimsical (click here).  There are also many temporary artworks made from sand.

We were particularly taken with this bas-relief that I assume is inspired by Mayan or Aztec art.  This is just a corner detail of the larger work.  It was still under construction when we passed by with the camera.  The big unveiling of the completed work was last night.  I hope to get there this evening or tomorrow to photograph the finished piece.  I will post it here later.

These artists work for tips.

The artist's tip-box

The artist’s tip-box

“It’s only your tips that make my work possible”  Unfortunately many tourists seem to think they have the right to take photographs when the artist isn’t looking and sneak off without contributing.  The tip is a free-will offering and no pressure is applied.  If you don’t want to pay – don’t take photographs.  And if you stand and admire the work – contribute.

Let me know what you think of this young artist’s creation.