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Morning is breaking over our east-facing balcony.  The sun comes up rather late these days.  We have spectacular sunrises that start with such quiet drama

Morning is breaking over our east-facing balcony. The sun comes up rather late these days. We have spectacular sunrises that start with such quiet drama

Sunrise over a balcony in Winnipeg

Because it only lasts a few minutes each sunrise is precious.

Well that’s the good stuff.  But here we are, January 22 and so far this year I haven’t had a good rant!  Today I feel like a rant despite the beautiful sunrise.

My complaint, this time, is with radio and television so-called news personalities.  The news is no longer a program or just simply ‘the news’ – it’s a ‘show’.  Professional announcers saying – “…later in our show”!  ARGHHH!  I’m not looking for a show, or an entertainment, I’m looking for information – about the world, current affairs, newsworthy items from the ‘hood (or if you live in Winnipeg the ‘Peg, but don’t start me going).

The alarm clock switches on to the least obnoxious of the local ‘information’ programs.  Bang!  they aggravate me with their first words “Welcome to your Friday morning”.  Hang on a bit, I don’t own the morning, it’s not my personal sun rising in the East, my personal Friday.  But even if I was self-absorbed enough to believe it was, then don’t welcome me to it.  It would be like someone coming over to my house and telling me welcome to your house!  No, I welcome my visitors they don’t welcome me.

The idiots want to tell me about MY weather, not the local weather, or the Winnipeg weather, but MY weather.  I feel a bit like a cartoon character with my own little cloud following me overhead.

On the television weather they have lots of splashy (confusing and annoying) images, including satellite radar images.  The silly woman says,  “and here’s a look at your radar image”.  MY radar?  When did I get a radar system?  And if I did, who said she could use it?

What is this all about?  It’s about manipulation.  The media gurus have decided that we are such a narcissistic society that everything has to be about us.  So it is no longer ‘the news’, not even ‘the news for penguins’, but ‘your news’, ‘your weather’, ‘your radar’.  They even accuse me of having come up with the weather forecast because they announce “here is your forecast”.  I didn’t forecast any weather!  Don’t go blaming me.  Or is this a very personal forecast, I guess it has to be, because it is after all MY weather they are forecasting.

Can’t we go back to the good old days when we were the audience, they were the presenters and it was simply ‘the news’ and ‘the weather’.  I don’t know any of these people personally, they may be very nice, but I’m happy for them to stay in the radio or somewhere behind the television screen.  Greet me with ‘Good Morning’ and I’m happy, but don’t try to make me feel special, when you say “your…” I know it’s aimed at all the listeners or viewers you are broadcasting to, not just me.

While we are at it, where did this new infection come from where every question asked of an expert or ‘talking-head’ is answered with “So,…”  It goes like this.  Presenter “Why has the price of oil dropped so precipitously?” Expert “So, it has to do with supply and demand…”  or like this “Minister, what will your government do about the dramatically rising cost of health services and the ongoing problem of ‘wait-lists’.  Minister “So, people want the latest in technology and access to the latest pharmaceuticals, which….”

So?  So what?  It’s akin to the way politicians ask their own questions and answer them.  “Are our roads in the condition we want?  No, however…”  or “Am I happy with the current (whatever it is) no, but we have made remarkable progress”.

Stop the pandering folks, and treat us like intelligent adults.  Am I happy with you?  No!  Do I feel better now?  Not really.  But at least I have finally written something this  year.

By the way, welcome to Your 2016