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This is another in the periodic series ‘What the…”  where you are invited to try to answer the question “what is this?”

So what do you think this recent photo is showing?

false dawn

The False Dawn

I am a displaced hill person.   I grew up 12 miles from the centre of London.  It was a hilly location.  I have one leg longer than the other as I was born on the side of a hill.  I always loved hills.

When I was 21 I immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada; one of the flattest places on earth.  Winnipeg is situated on the edge of the great prairies, where fields of wheat and Canola stretch to the horizon and the wind creates waves of movement like some colourful sea.  It has its own beauty, the sky seems to go on forever, but not many hills.  There are some lovely hilly spots like Riding Mountain and Turtle Mountain, but these are a good three hour drive from Winnipeg – so most of the time I am starved for glimpses of hills and mountains.

I notice this particularly after a visit to the Rockies.  On the drive home as I look in the rearview mirror I feel a sadness as the mountains recede in the distance, eventually slipping down behind the horizon.  But some days the clouds can give the impression of distant hills or mountain ranges, causing a pang of nostalgia.

So the other day, imagine my surprise when an image of a sunrise or sunset over distant hills appeared on the wall behind our settee.  I took a photo of the image.

What was causing this image you ask?  Great question.  The image was caused by a combination of the shadow of the soft-cushioned back of one of the settees and a prism created by the low level of sunlight being refracted through the edge of the patio door double-glazing.

I have enhanced the image very slightly. But for me it looks very much like the dawn bursting over the foothills with the misty clouds rising behind.

Isn’t life wonderful when unexpected beauty appears in the most mundane places.

I hope you enjoyed this small example of nature’s surprising artwork.  Did you guess correctly?