Last year at this time I posted a joke about Texas and Manitoba. 

As I was reminded by FB I recalled a witty heckle the Minister of Industry and Trade received when making a ‘stump speech’  in farming country. 

I was the Assistant Deputy Minister for Trade at the time. 

The Minister was addressing a group of farmers in a field on a hot summer day, and yes we do get hot summer days in Manitoba.  Our temperature range is impressive. Ftom -40F in winter to +100F in summer. 

The Minister hadn’t tealised he was standing on a cow patty.  Many of the farmers saw it and sniggered. One yelled out “Look the politician is melting”. 

Have a wonder-filled Christmas those of you who celebrate the nativity of Christ. Happy holidays to those who don’t and may 2017 bring hope and peace in your lives.