It was suggested to me that I should reblog this post from2014. I hope it gives you a few laughs this Christmas.

Reflections in Puddles

It was December 1977, Susan and I had been ‘going out’ for about nine months. It’s interesting, before we are married we call it ‘going out’ then after are married we don’t anymore. At least, not very often – go out that is.

It was nearing Christmas and Susan decided she wanted to decorate her apartment with a Christmas tree – a real one – a fairly tall and bushy one. I lived a couple of blocks away and was enlisted to help get the tree, get it back to her place and help set it up.

My car was larger than hers, I was driving an orange Volvo station wagon known locally as the Great Pumpkin. We decided it would be easier to carry the tree on my car roof than on her Ford Pinto. Safer too; if we were in an accident and her car burst into flames…

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